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About Skrunch-it

We are a very young and adaptable company, aiming to have a big Social and Environmental Impact.

We starting producing Skrunch-its in 2022 with 100% recycled plastic.

The idea for Skrunch-it started when family and friends started collecting their soft plastics for recycling with Redcycle.

It wasn't long before it was made apparent that there was a need for a purpose built collection device that prevented your bags and wrappers from expanding and escaping.

Our mission is to make recycling more convenient, enabling more people to participate in recycling and thus diverting more soft plastics from landfill.

We know that collecting soft plastics can be a pain, so Skrunch-it was designed to make collection easier. Just attach a draw string bag to Skrunch-it, hang it anywhere you like and it's ready to accept your scrunched soft plastics.

No more battling with bags and wrappers trying to escape.

Once the bag looks like it's about to burst, we’d recommend switching it out for a new one.

The full bag can be tied and taken to the Redcycle drop off points for recycling.

Our long-term goal is to enable these bags of collected soft plastics to be accepted in home recycling bins and be autonomously sorted at the facilities. This would make soft plastic recycling more convenient and accessible for everyone.

So, any support is greatly appreciated, as it will help us achieve this goal.

Skrunch-it focuses specifically on Soft Plastics because we know it's one waste type that takes up a considerable amount of volume in general waste bins, most, if not all will end up in landfill.

We really want to pave the way for responsible disposal of this resource, because soft plastics aren't going away any time soon, as much as we try to avoid it.

This material can recycled and turned into new products, so we'd be doing a disservice to ourselves and our environment if we did nothing.

Here's a list of soft plastic items that are currently accepted to be recycled with Redcycle.

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